WVVW is just one of many clubs and organisations that are spread across the country. Some of them (like us) cover the whole VAG family whereas others are more specialised. The greatest thing about the VW community is how all of these groups come together and interact as one giant DUB loving machine; helping each other and learning from each other they go. We have tried to gather as many of them as possible here, but we are sure there are plenty more out there and a lot close than you might think! If we have missed any and you would like your club adding to the list, please, contact us and let us know.

Ace Transporters

Air-cooled Collective

Air-cooled Konnection

Air-cooled Unlimited

Anglesey Air-cooled

Back to 89 Volkswagens

Bath Air-cooled

Berkshire Bugs

Black Country Dub Club

Brazilian VW Bay Club

BugNutz Vw Club

Bugs Buses n Vdubs

Bugs UK

Camper Chicks

Chase Dubz

Classic VW Beetle Owners Club

Classic VW Beetles

Club GTi

Club Vdub

Cornwall Volkswagen Owners Club

Coventry VW OC

Defined Dubs

Definite Dubberzv

Dorset Dubs Club (Email)

Dub Campers

Dub Club South West

Dubberz Rejects

Dub Fellas

Dubs Outlaws

Dubs In Leigh & Wigan

Dubs Dayz

Dubs Of Vanarchy

Dub W.R.E.C.K.S

Dunstable Dubbers Volkswagen Club

Durham Old School Dubbers

Early Bay Forum

Essex Vdubbers VW Club

Flat Four Dubs

Fun Lovin’ Flat Fours V-Dub Club

Gay Girls VW Club

GTi Owners Club UK

Harrogate & District VW Club

Herts VW Club

High Up Transporters

H-Town Classic and Dub Club

Just T4s!

Kentish VW Klub

Kettering Un Named VW Club

Kombi Club

Lancashire VDubbers

Late Bay Forum

Leicester Air-cooled Unlimited


London Dub Club

London & Thames Valley VW Club

London Cartel

Lowdown Transporters

Lowdown Vans

Medway Monkeys

Midland Buggy Club

Mid Wales T4s & Transporters

MK2 Cartel

MK Volks Junkies

Misft Adventures

New Beetle Club of Great Britain

New Lancs VW Club

North Wales Dubberz

Old Volks Club

Oxford VW OC

Official VW California Club

PKW Club

Premature Dubs

Rattling Dubs

Retro Dub Club

Retro Dubs folk

Saturday Morning VDub Club Coventry

Scunny Dubbers

Scunny Vdubss

Spartan Dubs

Steering Box Scrappers

South East Dubs

Spooky VW Club

SSVC (Splitscreen Van Club)

SX Dub Club

Telford Transporters

The Bearded Dub Co.

The Beetle Collective

The Classic VW Owners Club

The In Laws VW Club

The Paintscrapers VW Club

T6 Forum

The 12ups VW Beetle

The Damned Dub Club

The Dub Squad

​The Odd Socks Club

Type 2 Owners Club

VanGoths RöadCrüe

Van Life Camp Outs

Vdub Big Bus W@nkers

VDub Chilled Campers

V-Dub Nomads

Vee Dub Family

Vee Dub Addicts

Vee Dub Transporters

Volky Folks

VolkEdition VW Club

Volkswagen Campers

Volkswagen Owners Club Of Great Britain (VWOCGB)

Volkstoke Dub Club

Volkstourque 3

VW Baja bug

VW Club

VW Crafter Club

Vdub Big Bus W@nkers

VW Everytype

VW Golf Club

VW Swampers

VW Polo Gti

VW T4 North Wales Club

VW T6 Forum

VW T5 T6 Swampers

VW Old School

VW Time

VW Tuning Styling Club

VW T25 Club

VW Alliance

VW T5 Forum UK

VW T6 California Forum

VW Bus Junkies

VW Caddy Club

VW Lupo Owners Club

VW Caddy Forum

VW Golf MK2 Owners Club

VW New Beetle Club UK

VW Beetle Club

VW T-Times

VW T25 Club

Wayback Air-cooled

West Midlands T25 Club

Wirral VW Camper Club

Wolverampton Meet

Wrecsam Dubz Club

York Classic VW Owners Club